Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tekelec providing Diameter Signaling Router for T-Mobile USA LTE Network

Mobile broadband solutions company Tekelec will be providing its Diameter Signaling Router (DSR) to T-Mobile USA as the latter prepares for the 2013 launch of its high-speed long term evolution (LTE) wireless network.

The Tekelec DSR will serve as a central control point for T-Mobile to route policy, charging, and subscriber messages. Efficient routing is important in the management of the New Diameter Network's signaling growth and earning revenue from mobile data services.

A centralized Diameter network does not need to update all network elements whenever new equipment or roaming interconnections are added. This helps control costs even as the LTE network and interconnections expands in size.

The DSR intelligently checks real-time network conditions in order to most efficiently transmit signaling messages. It will spread the signaling volume across charging systems, policy servers, subscriber databases, and other network elements. This method of signaling distribution will decongest equipment and eliminate disruptive ‘signaling storms.'

Tekelec currently supplies 19 customers with Diameter Signaling Routers and related services. Five of those customers are operate Tier 1 LTEs in North America. Tekelec will present and demonstrate mobile data monetization strategies for LTE operators at Singapore's LTE Asia 2012 on September 17-19.

The groundbreaking Tekelec LTE Diameter Signaling Index will be a great boon to business executives, network architects, and engineers. Tekelec predicts that by the time 206 rolls in, the Asia-Pacific region will be the world leader in in Diameter signaling.

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